Green Cards

The Green Card is issued upon approval of permanent residence status by the USCIS.  Permanent residence status confers many benefits, including the ability to work in the US, travel abroad for limited period of time and return without a US visa, and sponsor immediate family members for green cards of their own.  It is possible to remain a permanent resident indefinitely, although most see this status as an intermediate step to citizenship.  

Permanent residence through petition is generally achieved as a result of petition by a close relative, an employer, or (in some cases) oneself (i.e., a "self-petition").  Permanent residence may also be obtained through a process not involving petition, such as through the diversity visa ("green card lottery") program, or through asylee status.

In all cases, permanent residence is achieved either through a process termed "adjustment of status" (if the applicant processes in the US), or through consular processing at a US mission abroad.

Our services: We will counsel you regarding your, your relative's, or your employee's eligibility for a green card.  We will provide assistance and guidance in obtaining the necessary evidence, preparing the paperwork, submission to the US, communicating with government agencies on your behalf, and monitoring the case until conclusion. 





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