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September 15, 2018

Today, September 15, was AILA Citizenship Day. This is a single-day nationwide event hosted by AILA chapters across the country and their local grassroots partners. The goal is to assist permanent residents with their naturalization applications, provide eligibility screening, and to see if there are any "red flags" that might cause a problem for applicants down the road, all for no charge. I was honored to participate at the Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center in Easton, Maryland, along with several other attorneys, paralegals and interpreters. Possibly due to the recent Florence hurricane scare, not as many people showed up for this great service as expected. Nevertheless I truly feel we were able to provide much needed information and assistance to those who did come. Now that the applicants have been screened for eligibility, the next step will be for the MRC staff to complete and file the naturalization applications. Hopefully, in just a short 12-13 months from now, each person we met today will be taking their oaths of allegiance to become some of the newest citizens of our country.  For more information, see


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